Magento Overview

Magento is an open source freely downloadable e-commerce software application. It is used to create online shops, allowing community users the ability to setup and start selling on the web in a very cost effective way.

Magento is owned by eBay and built on a programming technology called PHP (Pre Hypertext Processor) in particular, a customised version of a framework known as Zend.

Its feature rich attributes have led Magento to become one of the fastest downloaded and freely available e-commerce systems available today. It uses MySQL and Zend PHP to great effect allowing a full e-commerce solution to be created almost off the shelf. Both hobbyist and multinational corporations use Magento as a primary means to sell online.

Many web based shops use Magento as it provides a very powerful platform that can manage your product catalogue (known in the industry as product SKU’s), allows integration into many payment gateways including PayPal, Google Checkout and many others, provides a complete administrative backend system to allow full control and management of your web catalogue.

Basically Magento is seen as one of the most powerful e-commerce solutions available to download with a built-in CMS and full customisation ability.

Magento is provided in two variations

  1. Magento Community – Freely available open source solution governed under a licence agreement called the Open Software Licence OSL 3.0
  2. Magento Enterprise – This is a paid for version of the system that contains additional features and user support. You pay per year for the privilege of the enterprise version.

Why Choose Juicy Media?

Juicy Media has acredited Magento specific developers; we were also one of five original companies in the UK with an Advanced Magento Developer!

Most of our developers are working towards their Zend Certified Engineer status, the platform that Magento is built on.

We are also certified Microsoft Professionals, allowing us to work on complex system integrations such as with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

What does Magento do?

Magento, in a nutshell, allows you to sell your products online in an e-commerce solution. This means:

  • You can list your products, SKU’s
  • Link to payment gateways
  • Take payment directly, PCI compliant
  • Link directly to Sage Pay
  • Send invoices
  • Manage Stock
  • Send email notifications
  • Send email newsletters
  • Manage customer details
  • Post-code look up
  • Manage Promotions
  • Manage site content through a CMS
  • Sell on Mobile devices
  • Create management reports on sale activities
  • Link to multi channels [link to multi channel] to sell even more, including but not limited to eBay and Amazon
  • Many more features, call us and we will demo it to you!

Juicy Media have a track record of delivering Magento solutions of varying sizes from small scale e-commerce Magento sites to multi-million pound Magento enterprise solutions.

Juicy Media have a track record of delivering Magento solutions

Why is Magento free?

As explained in the What is Magento? section. Magento has an open source community driven licence. That allows you to download and use Magento Community Edition free of charge.

The community edition of Magento has fewer features than the Magento Enterprise and Magento Go versions, however this doesn’t mean it’s an inferior product or solution. Juicy Media manage and have built many community sites that turn over in excess of a million pounds of revenue a year, not bad for a freely available solution!

Many of the features, such as Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA), Voucher / Promo, Gift Registry, Full Page Caching and Store Credits can all be achieved by using Magento Community extensions, found here at Magento Community.

Magento multi channel marketing

As mentioned earlier Magento is owned by eBay, as you would expect you can link your online shop to an eBay shop. It’s a relatively straight forward process, but needs to be done carefully and under a watchful Juicy eye.

Magento can also be linked to Amazon, Kelkoo, Play and a multitude of other 3rd party sales channels.

Magento acts as the main data repository, this means, you only have to manage Magento operations because it is Magento that updates your other sales channels, for example, as illustrated here:


Our experience with Magento

Here at Juicy we have been working with Magento since 2010, as a business solution provider and accredited Magento developers we have been heavily involved in both community and enterprise variants of the Magento platform. We have deployed over 75 successful Magento stores with annual turnovers in excess of £50 million and growing. From start-ups to multinationals, there is a Juicy Magento solution for everyone.

Team Juicy have been responsible for many customised Magento’s, our standard builds benefit from:

  • Custom Magento Templates that alter the look and feel (design);
  • One step check-out to reduce abandoned carts and improve conversions/sales;
  • Custom payment gateways;
  • CRM integrations;
  • Stock management integrations;
  • Accountancy integrations (Sage);
  • Mobile;
  • Mobile apps;
  • Custom Reporting;
  • Multi-channel marketing, integration into eBay, Amazon – to name a few;
  • Social Media;
  • Multiple store front;
  • Multiple languages;
  • News Letters;
  • Strategic Target Marketing;
  • Multi currency.

The Juicy Media Magento solutions benefit from many great features, in combination with our business ideas and solutions, you too could see your business grow.

Magento before and after

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